Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Foreigners in Italy

Source: Istituto Nazionale di Statistica

The following is a graph of foreign population of men (in blue) and women (in red) in Italy on 01/01/06.

This graph demonstrates:
- The highest population of men are 37 years old.
- The highest population of women are 31 years old.
- There is a significant increase in the men/women ration starting at the age of 10.
- There is a significant decrease in the men/women ratio at the age of 47.
- Immigrant women are roughly the same in numbers.

The 2004 movie Saimir chronicles an Albanian teenager that gets involved in human trafficking of other illegal immigrants. It is unclear on how the immigrant youth live in Italy. The increase of immigrants at the age of 10 is rather startling and hopefully the boys are not starting to immigrate at the age of 10 all alone. It is unclear how many alone teens there may be but there may be a higher probability that the boys are coming with a father leaving the mothers and sisters in their native land.

Regardless of how it is completed, it does seem tragic to think that families are divided for financial or political pressures.

The 47 year old gender tipping point is also noteworthy. This may demonstrate that the men return to their native country in their 40's, or it may mean that their lifespan is that much less than that of Italy on average. I find the former rather unlikely as even impoverished nations have higher lifespans.

The immigration issue is hard to analyze as there are so many undocumented and they are hard to track. Above all, it is hoped that the children are cared for properly.

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