Friday, May 18, 2007

Italian Reporters Killed In Iraq and Afghanistan to Date

As this is an old post that was getting a lot of hits, I thought I would update a couple of numbers. Sorry for no posts for so long. Someday I will have the time.

Amazingly, the war in Iraq has had more journalists killed than in any other conflict (assuming there were few journalists in wars prior to 1900, which is a fair estimate).

Reporters for Italian news killed in Iraq and Afghanistan to date (10/03/08):

- Independent journalist, Enzo Baldoni

- Afghan aid to Daniele Mastrogiacomo, Ajmal Nakshbandi

- Iraqi freelance producer and translator who worked for the television station TG3, Adnan Al-Bayati

- Unknown driver for Baldoni

Italian reporters abducted and released:

- Reporter for Il Manifesto, Giuliana Sgrena - Saved by Italian secret service agent Nicola Calipari who put himself in the line of fire to protect her from US troop mistaken fire.

- War correspondent for La Repubblica, Daniele Mastrogiacomo

Total number of journalists killed to date since 2003:135

Total number of media support killed to date since 2003:51

Journalists killed in conflicts:
Algeria (1993-96): 58
Colombia (1986-present): 54
Balkans (1991-95): 36
Philippines (1983-87): 36
Turkey (1984-99): 22
Tajikistan (1992-96): 16
Sierra Leone (1997-2000): 15
Afghanistan (2001-04): 9
Somalia (1993-95): 9
Kosovo (1999-2001): 7
First Iraq war (1991): 4 (In the aftermath)

Earlier conflicts before CPJ statistics were logged in 1981:
Central American conflicts (1979-89): 89, Source: Freedom Forum
Argentina (1976-1983): 98, Source: Freedom Forum
Vietnam (1955-1975): 66, Source: Freedom Forum
Vietnam (1962-75): 71, Source: The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan
Korean War: 17, Source: Freedom Forum
World War II: 68, Source: Freedom Forum
World War I: 2, Source: Freedom Forum

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